Economic Growth Tourism

Sustainable tourism and the preservation of natural heritage stand as enduring magnets to entice travelers. Lift Islamabad, staunchly advocating for the promotion of cultural facets to bolster tourism, continues to champion these invaluable assets. In a bid to revive cultural heritage tourism, the dedicated team from Lift Islamabad responded to an invitation from Raja Abdul Salam, the Assistant Director of the Federal Investigation Agency and a member of the advisory board of Lift Islamabad, to explore the historical Ghakar Shahi Qila. The visit was facilitated graciously by Deputy Director of Archaeology, Tahir Saeed, and Assistant Curator, Farhat Saeed, who warmly welcomed and supported the Lift Islamabad team throughout the exploration of this historical site. Amidst this cultural odyssey, CEO Asma Malik of Lift Islamabad took the honor of presenting appreciation certificates to acknowledge the collaborative efforts and the spirit of preservation fostered by all involved parties. This endeavor not only reaffirmed Lift Islamabad’s commitment to promoting cultural heritage but also underscored the importance of partnerships and concerted actions in nurturing and reviving Pakistan’s rich historical legacy for tourism.

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